URi is an advertising agency uniquely positioned to provide clients better value and better results in today’s global marketplace. URi brings together a diverse group of marketing professionals under one roof, merging best practices from around the world and from diverse culture to develop innovative solutions for our clients..
We are unlike the large, multinational agencies whose arms are so spread out that often, the right hand is unaware of what the left is doing. Instead, we provide our clients with the best talent under the same roof, improving responsiveness, accountability and service.

Everything we do, from strategy, to creative media, is done with bottom line results in mind. Senior staff stay involved in all aspects of our clients’ business, and we put people on the ground to service our accounts wherever needed.


This is a business that runs on ideas. Those who have ideas become the most successful. We dig until we uncover innovative solutions that touch consumers in meaningful ways. And we search until we find the answers that will grow our client’s business.